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With a wealth of knowledge after opening and operating the very successful ACTON West Coast office, along with many other businesses along the way, Kerry has over 15 years in the real estate industry and over 500 sales under her belt. She understands the ever changing market and needs of sellers and buyers alike.

Kerry Davey Real Estate was born out of a desire to market her own brand, and to be servicing the Northern Corridor that Kerry calls “home”. As a local resident Kerry knows the benefits of living in Perth’s Northern Corridor and all it has to offer.

She believes that real estate is not about the dollar, it’s about people.  It’s not what we want as agents, it’s about our client’s requirements.  It’s building rapport with your clients, asking the right questions and listening closely to the answers.  It’s remembering that each client is an individual and not treating them as a number.

She understands that everyone’s situation is different; they have different needs and motivations and you need to ensure you find the best solution for them. 

Doing that on a consistent basis is what has been the foundation of her long successful real estate career, and now she has established her own agency with the aim of having a new beginning with the same trusted name for all her past and future clients.

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For as long as he can remember Real Estate has always been a passion for Joe. 

After a long and successful career spanning over 20 years in International Education & Training with senior roles in Marketing, Sales, Business Development and Project Management, it was a chance meeting with an Senior Director and Licensee of a well known agency at a birthday party, that as Joe puts it “ triggered my decision to take a leap of faith and do what I have always wanted to do and work in real estate”.

To Joe, Real Estate is all about the people. It’s not about the sale but working hard to help his clients achieve their dreams and assist them through the process seamlessly. 

Joe is a dedicated hard working agent who treats all his clients as individuals, with a focus on meeting individual needs and motivations.

“To me I always work on the premise that real estate is all about people and providing a high level of service. When someone is entrusting you to buy or sell their home often it’s a life changing decision and I view that as a privilege having been given that level of trust.” 

So to me the advice I provide is based on the clients situation, any marketing is tailored as such, not just what everyone else is doing, and I take pride in the fact that our service goes beyond the sale of a clients property.

Joe is Kerry Davey Real Estate’s Director and Sales Executive looking after Jindalee, Alkimos, and Yanchep.

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Kristopher Eccles

  Introducing, Sales Executive

Kris, as he is affectionately called, comes from humble beginnings.
Immigrating from the UK with no more than $600 to his name,
a one-year working visa, and a dream in his pocket.

He started out with 'odd jobs' often making do with a patch of sand
as home, Kris would rise with the sun and catch a glimpse of the beautiful
beach houses Perth has to offer.

This very scene enabled his dream, with extensive research into sales,
to kick-start his career.

When affordability came knocking, He began his venture as a "Campervan Motorhome, Manufacturer & Dealer",
In just 12 months Kris's business reached its 'maximum capacity'.
Kris is now a qualified Real Estate Agent, with an extremely successful and active business behind him.

He prides himself on knowing how to keep control along a sometimes bumpy road within sales, knowing what it's like to make big decisions, backing himself with advanced leadership, sales and life experience.

He quotes;
"We can know the market, it's more important we 'know' our clients to truly navigate and reach that end goal for each independent sale, whatever they invest - It's up to us to double, if not triple that"

Kris, an open honest and joyful agent.